Über mich

Originally from beautiful Bavaria, Germany, I just moved to Fort Collins not long ago. What brought me here, you ask? Love, of course 🙂

I’m a real family person and love to be around them, especially my husband and our two furry babies (Kiba and Bandit).
When I’m not with my family or friends, you will probably find me at the barn, taking care of “my” horses (unfortunately I don’t have my own horses, so I take care of somebody else’s) or on their back. Animals are very important to me and I love being around them and outside in the nature.
I’m also a very passionate cook and baker. I like to try new recipes, share my favourite one’s with the world and I like to spoil my loved ones with tasty treats.
Whenever I don’t feel like being active, I enjoy a good book all bundled up on the couch or I’m in front of the computer.

I never learned the profession of a photographer, but with learning-by-doing and time, I learned it and I am still learning. Luckily I got the chance to take documentary and event photos for my last employer, where I could learn and grow a lot.

Photography took a huge part of my heart for a long time, so I’m happy to use the fresh wind in my sails to work as an actual photographer.

Being able to help you to create beautiful and touching long-lasting memories of your most important moments, seeing you satisfied and happy with my work, that makes my day.